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Computerised climate control & flock management systems for both new poultry housing and refurbishment projects incorporating either complete equipment packages or as a managed turnkey project and often with bespoke hot water district heating etc. All supported with extensive training and support to ensure our customers attain the maximum benefit.

Condensation and humidity control for a range of agricultural buildings, industrial process plants and warehouses.


Our Story


draperVENT founded - agent for Danish firm, Turbovent - selling and installing package ventilation systems in poultry broiler and free-range layer houses throughout the UK.


draperVENT started developing own equipment, including the very successful AVICARE AHU ventilation unit, solving issues with poor ventilation and energy efficiency.


draperVENT installed the first biomass fuelled, indirect heating system in the UK at Frogmary Green Farm. The heating system was incorporated into the AVICARE AHU system.


draperVENT installing LPG boiler systems to heat the AVICARE HW system.


Justin Emery joined draperVENT.

Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) was launched by DECC and implemented by OFGEM to provide a payment tariff for renewable heating systems. draperVENT well placed to provide their unique heating system into poultry houses.


draperVENT became OEM customer of Hotraco Agri - Dutch controls specialist - working with draperVENT to help develop their new Fortica touchscreen poultry computer, launched 2015.


draperVENT designed, developed and installed unique de-humidification, heating and ventilation systems for large steel stock-holding warehouses, using AHU's and GSHP's.


draperHEAT formed to provide turnkey heating systems using various renewable sources.


draperVENT became UK technical agent for Danish company Landmeco who manufacture pan feeding system for broiler and nest box and aviary systems for layers.

draperBIOTECH formed to develop air, feed and water sanitation system using ozone.


draperLAYERS is formed to provide turnkey solutions into the poultry layers industry.


draperGROUP formed to pool internal knowledge and continue to innovate across additional industries.


draperGROUP finds a permanent home, the centre of excellence.  A new office, with the addition of a purpose built warehouse, provides draperGROUP with the resources to expand and continue to innovate.

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