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Broiler Breeder Nests

A range of nest designs to suit your requirements

Broiler Breeder Nests


draperGROUP have partnered with Fienhage to bring our customer the complete nest solution.  Fienhage have designed a comfortable, hygienic, easy to clean nest which can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Optimising the house layout ensures maximum stocking density whilst still allowing a natural daily routine for the hens. The nests are equipped with comfortable artificial grass matting to minimise impact, from which the eggs gently roll onto the egg collection belt, ensuring quality clean eggs.


Key Advantages

  • A range of nest designs to suit our customers’ requirements

  • Optimal house layout providing maximum stocking density

  • Plastic coated waterproof plywood construction

  • The nest allows natural daily hen activity

  • Comfortable artificial grass nest mats

  • Eggs roll gently off the artificial grass nest mat and onto the egg collection belt

  • Equipped with an automatic moving back wall which gently closes at night and re-opens at dawn

  • Hygienic and Easy to clean and maintain

  • Robust build quality

Broiler Breeder Feeding Equipment

The feed system is one of the most important components in modern poultry farming. Fienhage have developed a feeding system which is both efficient and reliable in delivering an even supply of feed. Tried and tested for many years, highly developed machines precisely controlled by a computer system ensure an even weight development and homogeneous performance across the entire flock.

Fienhage Feed System
Fienhage Feed System
Fienhage Feed System