Emissions Control

The LAVAMATIC Drum Washer, available in two sizes to provide future-orientated exhaust air treatment.

Emissions Control

Exhaust Air Treatment

draperGROUP have partnered with REVENTA, to provide the complete emissions control solution to our customers.  With the Environment Agency (EA) and Natural Resources Wales (NRW) imposing tighter controls over ammonia emissions, draperGROUP have partnered with REVENTA in order to supply the best products to align with the regulation.  


The LAVAMATIC drum washer facilitates the exhaust air treatment of poultry and pig stables, and is supplied as a complete, prefabricated module. The LAVAMATIC system can simply be placed on the gable wall or long side of the stable. The drum washer with an air flow of 50,000 m³/h consists of a unique drum washer without the use of cost-intensive circulation pumps. Furthermore, an optional biological stage is available for odour reduction.

The drum washer is characterised by its very low electricity consumption due to its ability to operate without pump equipment.



  • Very low energy consumption as no pump technology needed

  • Low maintenance 

  • Easy to clean

  • High operational safety

  • Effective odour reduction through the use of the biological stage

  • Unique rotating washing drum with full automatic cleaning


System With Biological Stage

LAVAMATIC Scrubbing System

Advantages over other systems:

Thanks to implementation of the drum washer and the Biofilter, the LAVAMATIC exhaust air washer is a completely new concept and the only solution of its kind.

The water moving function on the LAVAMATIC system works without pumps. Compared to conventional air washer systems with circulating pumps, this is unique. It's patented design delivers up to 50% in cost savings compared to conventional exhaust air washer systems and simplifies the technology in general.

The bio stage consisting of cellulose pads is an entirely established process for eliminating odours in agricultural applications.


Dependable, effective and cost-efficient

Ammonia drum washer for ammonia

The exhaust air is now guided over the
unique, patent-registered drum washer.
The continual rotation of the washer drum takes the wash water, which is acidified to pH3, out of the water basin and the filling material in the wash drum is moistened. Additionally, the filling material is constantly cleansed when the wash drum is immersed in the water basin.

A wiper mounted at the top of the wash
drum ensures that the coarser particles
are removed from the drum‘s exterior.
Simultaneously, the wiper is used
for sealing the drum. The LAVAMATIC
does not require separate washing water treatment, and this constitutes a
further advantage of the technology.

Elutriation takes place directly from the water basin into a separate elutriation tank.

Odour reduction with biological stage in
pig fattening.

The exhaust air, now free of ammonia, is
then guided over the last cleaning stage.
Here, the final stable odour is eliminated by the bio filter consisting of cellulose pads.  These pads do need to be replaced, yet the process is quick and easy.


LAVAMATIC - System with Exhaust Air Module

Scrubber 1.png

LAVAMATIC - System with Biological Stage

Untitled design (15).png


Broiler breeder farmers in the South West put forward the idea of bio-filtration to meet the environmental requirements set out during the planning phase for four new houses.


The draperGROUP ventilation system combines the need to pressurise the bio-filter as an exhaust point, whilst providing the birds with the right climate for all seasons.  


The bio-filter runs almost the length of the main structure, serving four individual birds areas, whilst absorbing and converting the ammonia and odour into simpler and less toxic compounds which can then be used to grow and reproduce.  

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