Energy Production

Roof or ground mounted Solar PV, the complete green energy solution

Energy Production

Solar PV

Westwood Energy, part of the draperGROUP of agritech companies, are solar specialists working predominantly in the agricultural and commercial sectors.  Operating for over 9 years, we have vast amounts of experience installing systems up to 20MW across the UK by our renewable and HV certified engineers.


Our commitment

  • To not only deliver competitive CAPEX solutions, but to install and maintain PV systems that give our clients the ability to achieve the best OPEX savings over the full 25-year lifetime of a system.​

  • Systems installed using the best equipment, with the best methods, by the best people. ​

  • Transparency throughout the process, from initial conversation and design, to delivery of system and beyond through ongoing monitoring and maintenance agreements.​

  • Building long term and trusted relationships with all clients.​

  • Delivery of systems that are best suited to client needs, not just “bigger is better”.​