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Heat Recovery

Innovative Heat Exchanger - draperHEATEX

Heat Recovery


The distinctive feature of the draperHEATEX is it's simple design and efficient method of operation. Through the use of the heat exchanger, incoming fresh air is directed by the outgoing exhaust air. This helps to save energy and simultaneously protect the environment. The draperHEATEX can be used in new systems and in existing ventilation systems, as a retrofit. Through using the existing pipes, it is not necessary to completely modify the current ventilation system.


The core component of the draperHEATEX is a bundle of durable PVC tubes which are modular and precisely fitted to the ventilation system.

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  • Heat exchanger output 40-120 kW (136.500 to 409.500 Btu)

  • Air flows of over 10,000 m³/h per heat exchanger can be achieved (winter air flow rate)

  • Payback times of approx. 18 months (at 90% utilisation)

  • Exchanger pipes with easy-clean, smooth surfaces

  • Effective self-cleaning through vertical construction

  • Suitable for both individual and common exhausts