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Heat Recovery

Innovative Heat Exchanger - draperHEATEX WHEEL

Heat Recovery


The distinctive feature of the draperHEATEX WHEEL is it's simple design and efficient method of operation. Through the use of the heat exchanger, incoming fresh air is directed by the outgoing exhaust air. This helps to save energy and simultaneously protect the environment. The draperHEATEX WHEEL can be used in new systems and in existing ventilation systems, as a retrofit. 


The draperHEATEX WHEEL reduces overall heat energy by 70%. This allows precise control of renewables and minimises gas or oil usage.

Our Solution

Why Choose Us?

  • This allows precise control of renewables and minimises gas or oil usage

  • Maximum efficiency: outstanding energy recovery with low operating costs

  • Fully integrated into existing ventilation control panels and easy to operate

  • Robust and simple to maintain

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

  • Self cleaning heat wheel to keep maximum efficiency during flock

  • Can be easily commissioned during turnarounds

  • An ammonia reduction factor of 35% can be applied

  • No requirement for water supply or drainage systems

  • Can be engineered to fit exact shed/site requirements

  • Unrivalled care team to support pre and post installation 

Typical Payback Summary for 4 House Site

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Alternative Solution

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  • Heat exchanger output 40-120 kW (136.500 to 409.500 Btu)

  • Air flows of over 10,000 m³/h per heat exchanger can be achieved (winter air flow rate)

  • Payback times of approx. 18 months (at 90% utilisation)

  • Exchanger pipes with easy-clean, smooth surfaces

  • Effective self-cleaning through vertical construction

  • Suitable for both individual and common exhausts