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Layer Solution

draperGROUP bring a unique and uncompromising approach, providing innovative, bespoke layer systems.

Layer Solution

Complete layer solutions

draperGROUP expanded their portfolio in 2018 to offer a complete solution for layer farms.  draperGROUP bring a unique and uncompromising approach, providing innovative, bespoke layer systems.  Suitable for the large producer and the independent farmer, our systems promote the highest bird welfare standards, while guaranteeing outstanding performance, flock-after-flock, all year round.

We offer training and continuous mentoring from our draperCARE team for our farmers, working with them to attain the very best results. We understand the working day of our farmers, we have used this knowledge to create user-friendly practical systems, which are highly automated, with rugged durability, with support available 24/7.


draperVENT 800 Fan


Our state of the art climate control system for layer farms.

Our unique energy efficient air handling units deliver minimum ventilation, hot water heating and uniform circulation for your sheds.

Delivers outstanding bird performance crop after crop.


Layer System

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draperGROUP have partnered with FACCO, a leading global player in the poultry industry, featuring the very best innovative design and engineering.

The layer system is designed to increase animal welfare and to guarantee excellent performances in terms of eggs production and management costs

The system is built on two or three tiers, with a pyramid structure which facilitates inspections and most important stimulates the hens to jump tier to tier


Egg Handling

Cross collection of eggs brings the eggs by the shortest route to the farmpacker or the sorting machine. This process protects the eggs from contact with each other.

FACCO’s Niagara Egg Collection System combines, with successful synthesis, collection speed, heavy duty, reliability reduced power consumption, reduced and easy maintenance and most of all a soft handling of the eggs essential characteristic to minimize eggs micro crack. Each transfer and each movement has been studied with care and experience.

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Controls & Monitoring


The revolutionary FORTICA layer management computer with intuitive touchscreen display which will be fully customised by draperGROUP to suit your houses.

All the information about your poultry house can be requested and accessed including climate, egg production, feed, water, alarm status and history.

The ideal tool to collate your house performance data.


RubiLux Spectrum

Light - promotes egg laying

When it comes to lighting, the key to a productive layer farm is the ability to simply adjust the spectrum of light to suit the birds.

RubiLux lighting has a 2-channel adjustable spectrum with red light components to stimulate egg laying, all whilst also reducing energy costs in order to deliver higher profits.

draperGROUP have partnered with PACELUM to bring lighting to your sheds that meets the need of your birds.


Heat Recovery

Air-air heat exchanger

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Effective heat recovery with rotary heat exchanger

Heat-X Heat Recovery Unit
Lavamatic Ammonia Scrubber

Emissions Control

LAVAMATIC Exhaust Air Treatment System

Unique rotating washing drum with full automatic cleaning

Suitable for approval in accordance with the latest filter legislation

Care & Mentoring

Our dedicated, highly experienced team of specialists, available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.

We will train & mentor your team through the early crops to ensure your system runs smoothly and you get the very best from your equipment and your birds.


About Me

Refurbishment solutions for older housing

We offer a range of solutions to deliver the benefits of indirect hot water heating to older houses. Our bespoke, low profile draperFANCOIL units can fit close to the ceiling above the height of turnaround machinery.

Additional Services

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Heat Production


Energy Production