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Layers Aviary System

The complete solution to raise healthy and resilient birds

Layers Aviary System

Free range, organic and barn egg production

draperGROUP have partnered with Fienhage, a leading global player in the poultry industry, featuring the very best German design and engineering. Founded in 1899, Fienhage have been perfecting their aviary systems since 1987, striving to improve the welfare, performance and management of birds.


Fienhage Easy 100

Easy 100 Aviary system is available in various system widths making it a very popular choice. The multi-tier system optimises all available area, with the potential to create a 4 storey system. With a unique and innovative design incorporating a centralised egg collection belt and an optimised arrangement of nest lines, the birds have improved access to nests, feed and water on all levels. Greater movement for the birds, inspection, cleaning and maintenance improves overall hygiene conditions, welfare and performance.

  • Unique and innovative layout resulting in ZERO system eggs to collect

  • Nests, feed and water on all levels reducing the distance to the nest

  • Low rise system with the upper tier at eye level

  • Multi-tier systems provide easier access & movement for the birds so they can move between the functional areas

  • Bird inspection made easier

  • Cleaning and maintenance simplified

  • Labour efficient, reducing costs

  • 4 Storey potential due to the integrated floor for barn egg production

  • Improved Welfare and Performance

  • Improved profitability

  • Bespoke design and manufacture available

  • Strong and robust construction

Easy 100 Aviary