'As a collective group we have achieved a technical first of its kind and doubled the existing footprint of the farm in a protected landscape within an area of outstanding natural beauty.'

In 2019, Jeremy and Alex Frankpitt, broiler breeder farmers in the South West, put forward the idea of bio-filtration to meet the environmental requirements set out during the planning phase for four new houses.

Powell & Co were chosen to see how the draperBIO-FILTER system could be best integrated into their house design. Our collective objective for this project was to provide a construction suitable to meet the environmental requirements set out during the planning phase; this being the concept of the bio-filter, running almost the length of the main structure, serving four individual bird areas. Alongside these primary design features we also had to consider the practicalities involved with ongoing maintenance and health and safety.

The draperVENT ventilation system combines the need to pressurise the biofilter as an exhaust point with providing the birds with the right climate for both winter and summer. There are four AVICARE ventilation units that provide whole house air movement, recirculation and air change without the need for conventional air inlets or roof fans. The air exhausts into a specially constructed plenum chambers between two houses, and then slowly through the biofilter.