Rearing Aviary System

The complete solution to raise healthy and resilient birds

Rearing Aviary System

Aviary for rearing

draperGROUP have partnered with Fienhage to bring our customer the complete aviary solution. The design of the rearing aviary system focuses on raising healthy and resilient birds, with considerable emphasis on the natural and individual needs of young chicks welfare and growth. A generous movement allowance is provided within the aviary, allowing easy management of the birds for inventory and training purposes.

The rearing aviary system is available in varying widths suitable for new builds or conversions.


Key Advantages

  • Generous space for ease of movement within the aviary

  • Chick protection over feed trough

  • Approach balconies for easy locking of the rearing levels = easy inventory

  • Rest options thanks to sufficient perches

  • Easy floor management & later stay option for training

  • Easy overview and full control

  • System available up to 4 floors

  • Available in different system widths