A V Dawson Middlesbrough Steel Storage

“draperVENT were very good with their advice and any slight tweaking required. I can’t fault them. Not that we really had any issues to sort out, but if we did call they would jump on it straight away and sort it. The humidity levels we wanted were around 65% at a peak. We are consistently at an average level of only 47%, which is amazing. The system is faultless”

The challenge

A V Dawson in Middlesbrough, are a logistics and storage Company, who amongst their portfolio store mild steel coils made in South Wales, for use in the automotive industry. If steel is stored in humid conditions above 85% it rusts and with over 20,000 tonnes in stock, that’s a lot of steel to protect. Their existing two storage units use electric de-humidifiers and oil fired heating systems respectively. Both of which were expensive to run and very slow to react. When it came to considering a system to install in their new build third storage unit, with a capacity of 130,000 cubic metres of air and roughly the size of two football pitches, they decided to start from scratch. Fortunately a visit to a local poultry unit by the founder’s son, Gary Dawson, showed him the solution he sought. “If the system is good enough for livestock, then it is going to be a breeze for maintaining the right conditions for our steel”

The solution

A draperVENT ventilation system was installed in 2014 and was operational in November of that year. As Autostore manager Neil McShane explains, the draperVENT solution was a no-brainer;- “Paul clearly understood our needs and has some fantastic ideas on how it would work. He showed us the sums on the energy requirements and it just made total sense”. Dawsons use gas and wood pellets and Ground Source Heat pumps and the whole installation is very stable.


Neil is delighted with the system, declaring it to be “faultless, very responsive and totally accurate”

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