Devonshire Poultry - Chaffcombe

"I have known Paul for many years and he and his team are real experts in Poultry ventilation and climate control. They have such experience and understanding of poultry production alongside well-built equipment suited to the environment. Plus we wanted to use a local company"

The challenge

Based near Honiton, award winning Devonshire Poultry has been producing high quality broiler chickens for meat, since 1991. Founder, Robert Lanning started his poultry profession aged just 18 and now, via six farms based in the West Country, his company currently produces more than 3.5 million chickens per year, housed in 24,250 m² of indoor chicken production houses.

In terms of heating, woodchip was used previously, as an attractive fuel source when IHI incentives were in operation. However, recently this has declined and Robert wanted to move away from woodchip, due to it being dirty and difficult to handle, preferring to install indirect gas heating.

Robert initially looked at the Winterwarm system, but asked draperVENT founder Paul Draper for advice, having known him for many years and trusting in his judgement and expertise.

The solution

draperHEAT were able to integrate and create an indirect heating solution to support a 35k bird shed.

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