John Smith In Lancashire

“As a new grower we didn’t know what we were doing, so we needed a lot of hand holding. Justin has been just fantastic. The system is brilliant.”

The challenge

New broiler farmer John Smith, knew he needed to work with a company who could provide the support and advice he needed for his new venture. John built 2 sheds, and his first delivery of 90k chicks arrived in May 2015. Having sought advice from his neighbouring farmer and visited a number of installations, he was quickly sold on the draperGROUP philosophy and expertise. He required full lighting, heating and ventilation systems that were uncomplicated to operate for a beginner.

The solution

Ventilation and lighting is provided by the draperVENT AVICARE HW system and controlled by the latest draperFORTICA control system, supplied by their Dutch partners Hotraco AGRI. Heating is provided by the draperVENT AVICARE AHUs, with the hot water being efficiently produced by a Hoval UK manufactured 600kW wood pellet biomass boiler backed up by a Hoval 600kW LPG boiler.


John is delighted with the whole system and finds it “dead easy to use”. The back-up and support has also provided great peace of mind and reassurance. John has been achieving EPEF of 386 initially, rising to an impressive 418 with his last crop. He is planning to install a further two sheds in August 2016 and will of course be working with draperGROUP again.

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