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draperGROUP's ultra-durable fan is designed and built to withstand harsh, corrosive environments with intense clean down cycles, whilst ensuring the highest levels of indoor air quality for livestock to thrive.


draperGROUP have partnered with Woods, who with over 100 years of experience, understand the challenges of operating fans within a harsh environment.  The motor design eliminates the risk of dust build up which when washed down, can cause the external rotor motor to fail.  This design of motor provided reliability and longevity, therefore reducing the total cost of ownership.  

draperGROUP800 Fan

Woods was founded in 1909 in Colchester, United Kingdom. They first started out as manufacturers of small electric motors and introduced a range of propeller fans in the 1920s.  Over the years, Woods moved away from manufacturing motors and concentrated on the design and manufacture of axial fans, developing the first aerofoil blade design in 1947.

There are many reasons why draperGROUP chose to work with Woods in order to develop the draperGROUP800, which upholds all the quality and integrity which Woods maintains. 


The draperGROUP High Jet fan nozzle system has been specially designed to create a straightened and directional air discharge from our ventilation system, thus ensuring that high level air mixing is achieved.  This allows us to precisely control and increase air speeds at bird level throughout the crop cycle using out inverter controlled draperGROUP axial fans.  The patented nozzle design is very simple and allows maximum fan efficiency and easy cleaning.


  • Evenly provide a supply of fresh air to the birds, ensuring sufficient oxygen for respiration

  • Eliminate draughts for young chickens 

  • Remove excess heat and moisture

  • Create cooling airflows for older birds in warm external conditions

  • Regulate and maintain an even ambient house temperature

  • Limit the accumulation of dust and harmful gasses, including ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide

  • Keep litter dry and friable


'Heat ​stress occurs when birds have difficulty achieving a balance between body heat production and body heat loss.'

Effective inlet distribution creates the sufficient air speed in order to reduce heat stress mortality.

Our specially designed inlets also work as hot weather deflectors.  This method utilises all sources of energy, therefore reducing the farmers cost.  

Air inlets must be designed to optimise air flow patterns, with total floor coverage and ensure optimal air speed.

draperGROUP's inlet design is adjustable, therefore working with all weather conditions. 

'The inlet system - whatever the air change capacity available, it is critical to distribute air uniformly and at high speed to all of the birds in hot weather.  This is particularly true for birds finishing in the meat sector and where there are high stocking rates' - Defra HS Booklet.


Air Handling Units, innovative and automated climate control machines, designed with a purpose by our experts here at draperGROUP.  Coming in three different formats, the draperAHU is built to provide effective, yet easy to operate, control of the climate in your houses, be it broiler, breeder or layer.


The draperMINVENT HeX unit is an advanced Broiler, Turkey, Layer or Rearing house ventilation system, developed specifically to mix fresh air at the first stage (10-20%) of the ventilation system when chicks or poults are places at 1 day old. The unit is fitted with two integral hot water heating coils and 800mm fans or indirect LPG heaters with 630mm fans. The upriver size is approximately1 x 1m and there is a square lid on top.


The draperAVIAIR unit is an advanced Layer House ventilation system, developed specifically to work with both Barn and Free Range layer houses, even when pop holes are open. The draperAVIAIR unit is used in our layer aviary houses where it can mix and provide 0-100% or 0-50% (if combined with sidewall inlets) of the fresh air and is fitted with two 800mm fans. The roof duct size is approximately 2 x 1m and the external cowl has openings at each end.



The draperBREEDAIR unit is an advanced Broiler Breeder house ventilation system, developed specifically to work with broiler breeders and includes full light proofing on the upriver.
The draperBREEDAIR unit is used in our broiler breeder houses where it can mix and provide 0-100% or 0-50% (if combined with sidewall inlets) of the fresh air and is fitted with two 800mm fans. The roof duct size is approximately 2 x 1m and the external cowl has openings at each end.