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Vital factor in determining the growth and health of your chicks


Drinker nipple system

Water is one of the most important factors determining the growth and health of any chicken, be that broiler or breeders.

In addition, there is a need to focus on managing litter quality to avoid problems such as Foot pad dermatitis (FPD) – also known as pododermatitis or ‘foot burn’ caused by damp or wet litter. Dry, friable bedding is crucial to minimising FPD and other associated unwanted conditions.

We are working with LUBING UK to improve litter quality and solving foot pad problems by choosing nipples which keep litter dry without compromising product quality. A great deal of research has gone into ensuring that the nipples can provide birds with the water they require, both as day-old chicks and when approaching slaughter weight, without any water spillage. The LUBING nipples used have a special turned trigger-pin, providing significantly improved control of water flow and prevents any water leaking from the nipple.

The system has evolved over many years but remains true to the original idea. The latest nipple, the Top Nipple, has become the industry standard whether it be in entirely stainless steel form or the plastic bodied version.

The Top Nipple

The “Top Nipple” is made from just 3 elements: the body, the top pin and the bottom pin. Even in the plastic bodied “Top Combi Nipple”, the contact points are all stainless steel to stainless steel. You will not find neoprene washers that perish or ball bearings prone to blockages in Lubing nipples.

All Lubing nipples are also available with reduced flow when drip cups are not required.

All nipples can be activated 360° in any direction, giving even small day-old chicks easy access to water during the first critical days after the flock is introduced into the poultry house. The rest of the system is made from either stainless steel or alternatively a combination of stainless steel and POM (acetyl plastic).

Lubing Drinker System

Automatic Flush System

With the LUBING Touch Control LCW up to 10 drinking lines can be automatically flushed. The flush functions can be adapted to individual needs in the menu. The LUBING flush system consists of 5 elements.

Touch Control LCW

With the controller, the following values can be adapted to your individual needs: The duration of the flushing process, the flush duration time has to be adjusted depending on the length of the drinking line.

The start time of flushing. Each drinking line is flushed separately.

Optima E-Flush

The pressure regulator Optima E-Flush is preassembled and with mounting of the actuator ready for automatic flushing. The actuator is supplied from the controller with the required voltage of 24 V DC.

Flush Breather Unit

At the end of each drinking line a flush breather unit is installed. The valve of the breather unit will be closed by the flushing water pressure.


The drain-kit is a hose connection between the flush breather unit and the drain pipe in order to conduct the flushing water outside.

Drain Pipe

With the drain pipes the flushing water is conducted to an appropriate lo-cation outside.

The Complete Drinking Solution

draperGROUP have selected our preferred drinking system on the following criteria:

• Flexible water flow
• Effective shut-off
• No water spillage
• Reliability and durability
• Simple, flexible fitting
• Easy cleaning
• Resistance to disinfection and cleaning agents

In our experience, litter quality and feed consumption can be significantly improved by choosing the right drinking system, which is why we are convinced that LUBING is the best possible choice.